Kim Zolciak’s No Makeup Selfie Photo Is A Photoshop Fake, Declares Critics

Kim Zolciak’s no makeup selfie photo is making the declaration that “beauty comes from within,” although the Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran still looks stunning regardless. But some critics seem to think she is either wearing a little makeup or that some Photoshop fakery is involved somewhere.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Kim Zolciak’s children have been attacked on Instagram, and the Don’t Be Tardy star has been threatening to fight back against any online bullies who dare criticize Brielle, 18, Ariana, 13, Kroy, 3, Kash, 2, and twins Kaia and Kane, both 1.

Speaking of her children, Kim Zolciak’s no makeup photo apparently came about because she is busy being a good mother. She apparently spent all night staying up with a sick child, and the selfie was taken while on the way to the doctor’s office.

“Beauty comes from within,” the 36-year-old mother of six wrote. “My baby is sick heading to doctor… been up most of the night NO MAKEUP NO CARES but my [baby emoji] #DontStartYourShitSayingIHaveMakeupOn #HaventBrushedMyTeethOrWashedMyFace #ICantDealWithMyBabiesBeingSick.”

Normally, whenever we see the reality TV star, she tends to be using heavy makeup in addition to fake eyelashes and lip gloss. In this case, all she had time to do was throw on some diamond earrings before dashing out the door. Of course, she also had to throw in those fish lips just to complete the look.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes Kim Zolciak’s no makeup selfie photo is real. Some are “calling BS” since they believe this photo is not makeup free, but simply “makeup reduced.”

“I’ll help her understand: it basically means NO EYELINER, NO EYESHADOW, and NO NUDE LIPSTICK. What a joke. The only reason this could for a split second possibly even begin to look like a brave, makeup-free photo is because Zolciak normally wears WAY TOO MUCH makeup. She is gorgeous in this picture though (despite the fish lips?). Just next time, be honest with your fans/readers, please?”

Other followers even accuse Zolciak of applying a little bit of Photoshop magic in order to make herself look better, but many seem to agree that Kim is simply using very light natural-looking makeup.

Regardless of the controversy, some chose to be more positive, focusing on how good she looks at her age.

“Sweetheart you don’t need all that make-up you look flawless in this pic!!!” one Instagram follower wrote, with another claiming, “You look younger without all the make up.”

What do you think about Kim Zolciak’s no makeup selfie photo? Fake or not?