April 30, 2015
Victoria's Secret Thieves: Two Women Steal 145 Bras Worth $7,700 [Video]

There's a video taking off in popularity, posted by the Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department on Tuesday, April 28, which shows two women stealing bras from a Victoria's Secret store in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. In the just-released surveillance video from Victoria's Secret, it appears that one woman acts as a distraction by holding up a black shirt on a hanger in order to block the thieving activity of the other woman, who is bending down and stuffing bras from the well-known Victoria's Secret drawers into her bag.

The video has received 44,511 views on Facebook and has been shared more than 540 times thus far.

According to police, the two women took 25 bras from that Victoria's Secret store on April 21, but it's not the first time the women have likely stolen bras from the store. As reported by the Associated Press, the Victoria's Secret store did not give the cops video of prior thefts at the same Wyoming Valley Mall retail location, but these new 25 bras being stolen raise the total amount of bras stolen to 145 -- that's because 94 bras were previously stolen from the Victoria Secret drawers on February 17, and 39 bras were taken on February 25. Add to those numbers the 12 bras that were stolen on March 7 -- not from the drawers but from a display in the rear of the Victoria's Secret store -- and that brings the total to 145 bras taken.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the bombshell bras from the retailer have become more popular, ever since Kylie Jenner wore one and raised plastic surgery breast implant rumors. Wilkes-Barre Township Police have now been able to see how the women who stole these bras from the store look for the first time. They could potentially face grand larceny or grand theft charges -- since the total amount of the stolen bras are approximately $7,700 -- and in Pennsylvania, that's defined as any stolen property worth more than $2,000, which is a felony that could land these ladies in prison for up to seven years.

"INFORMATION REQUESTED Incident #: 15-1552 04/21/15 Victoria's Secret Retail Theft (Bra Theft) Wilkes-Barre Twp. Police has obtained surveillance video of 2 female suspects regarding the theft of 25 bras from Victoria's Secret on 04/21/15. Anyone with information regarding the identification of these females is asked to contact Det. Mike Amditis at (570) 208-4635 Ext. 870 or by sending a message to this page or by emailing to us at crimetips@twp.wilkesbarre.pa.us.326"

[Image via Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department]