April 30, 2015
Mireya Briceno's Dress Gets Her Booted From Prom -- Did School Make The Right Call?

An awful lot of fuss is being made over a simple prom dress in Michigan. Mireya Briceno donned the blue and white polka-dot number to the dance, but was asked to leave because a school staffer said it was too revealing.

Evidently, she and her mom were well-acquainted with Muskegon High School's dress code. They poured over it together to make sure the senior's outfit wasn't in violation, and thought they were good, Fox 17.

The dress is fairly conservative, with the exception of a fairly racy -- yet still quite tame -- open back that partially exposes the girl's sides. Racy or not, Connie Briceno contends the rules permit backless ensembles and forbid exposed midriffs. Her daughter's midriff was covered, added MLive.

Staff at Muskegon aren't spilling the beans on why the dress was unacceptable. Connie is more than a little miffed.

"Other girls were wearing similar style dresses, like dresses with cutouts, and dresses with sheer lining on the midriff. Why were they allowed to stay and my daughter wasn't?"
Two other girls were in fact sent home in violation, but they returned with a more compliant outfit.

At the heart of this spat is a little he-said, she-said drama.

The senior arrived wearing her boyfriend's jacket, she claimed to keep warm. Briceno took it off at the front door. But the vice-principal contends that Mireya knew she was in volation and wanted to cover up, admitting as much when asked.

An hour later, Principal Brad Perkins claimed a staff member asked Briceno to leave, and even he can't explain it.

"They asked her to stand-up and turn around, so she turned around and they simply told her 'You're in violation. You need to go home,' " Connie told Fox 17. She learned what happened when her daughter called, crying, from the parking lot.

"I told her to go to dinner with her boyfriend, and try to enjoy her evening. She was really upset. She has her boyfriend's prom in two weeks, but still, this was her prom. She missed out on a memorable time with her friends."
Perkins declined to look at pictures of Briceno in the offending gown, saying "what would be the purpose of looking in the past?" He also seems to have little patience for offenders, noting that students must prove they understand the dress code before they even buy tickets.

Perkins asserts people have responded positively to the decision to kick Mireya out. Meanwhile, her mom is still wants to know why.

"What's done is done. All I wanted is for him to call me and give me an explanation."
Mireya will attend her boyfriend's prom next month, and intends to wear a different dress.

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[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]