‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Is Davina Closer to Bringing Kol Back, Plus What’s Klaus Doing Next?

The Originals Season 2 is almost over, but there is still plenty of time for more twists, turns, and death, which seems almost inevitable when talking about the CW series.

While, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the truth is coming out about Aiden’s death – and who is really responsible – that doesn’t mean Klaus isn’t very much a threat. In fact, he’s a greater threat now that he was before everyone thought he killed Aiden. In the last Season 2 episode of The Originals, after his siblings daggered him, Dahlia paid him a visit inside his head and gave him a look at her past in an attempt to woo him over to her side of things. She too was betrayed by Esther, she explains, and furthermore, there’s a reason why she wants Hope: to help her control her power. A flashback showed Freya struggling to control her magic, and according to Dahlia, Hope, as a first-born, possesses that same kind of power, magic that could grow until she destroys the city. Since Dahlia is a first-born, she can help her.

However – and there’s a big however – while Dahlia is willing to allow Klaus to join her as Hope’s father, the same cannot be said of the baby’s other parent, and so Hayley must die. This comes as Hayley has decided that she doesn’t want her daughter to be a Mikaelson.

Watch the promo and sneak peek for the next Originals episode, “Fire With Fire,” below to see just what Klaus is up to next.

So how will they stop Dahlia (and now Klaus)? Davina may hold the key, as Danielle Campbell told Entertainment Weekly.

“They all come up with a plan in order to kill Dahlia. …You’re not going to see a full on stand-off between Davina and Dahlia.”

That said, Davina’s focus is still bringing Kol back, and it seems that Vincent may be the one who can help her the most, as Campbell teased, “Vincent comes to Davina with an opportunity that could bring her a step closer to bringing back Kol and also give her kind of an edge up with some power.”

That opportunity is taking on the role that Vincent himself doesn’t want: taking over Josephine’s position as leader of the coven. In fact, the sneak peek TV Fanatic posted from “Fire With Fire” shows Vincent talking to Davina about just that.

“I’m only doing this because you said it will give me the power I need to bring back Kol,” she tells him.

Finally, Campbell also offered a tease to EW about the Originals Season 2 finale, which she said “sets up next season to be a whole new show.”

“I know that’s a really big statement, but it closes so many of those doors that have been left open from last season and from Vampire Diaries. And so next season, you’re really going to see this whole new twist. It’s going to be really exciting.”

The Originals Season 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]