When You See It: Wedding Photo Photobombed By Gobblin-Like Creature Goes Viral

Wedding photos are something couples typically treasure for their entire lives. However, there are some that simply need to be burned, literally.

When you see what is between this couple, you will wish you hadn’t.

Kevin and Christina Denis, from Richmond, Virginia, were excited to look through their wedding photos, but they were horrified when they found an unidentified face starring back at them in one of the photos. Originally, they hadn’t noticed it, but after posting the picture on Facebook, one of their friends pointed out the creepy, goblin-like creature.

Kevin then decided to post the photo on Reddit. He captioned the post by saying: “Me and my wife’s favorite wedding photo… Until we saw what was between us… We still don’t know who it was,” according to The Telegraph.

The couple claims they have no idea who, or what, was in the picture, and they probably never will.

“Her sister said it might be her but that face looks absolutely nothing even close to it. That face looks like a baby face imo [in my opinion],” Kevin said.

Check out the photo below. Can you see it?

Several Reditt users were nice enough to retouch the photo to remove the ghostly figure.

What do you think is lurking between the newlyweds? Leave your thoughts below.

[Photo via Reddit]