Jimmy Kimmel Launches A New Campaign Called ‘The Finger Of Shame’

Jimmy Kimmel is always pranking or challenging viewers with something unique. He is up to something again. On his ABC show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night host just launched a new campaign. He is hoping to make the world a better place by shaming people who are caught doing something inappropriate. Jimmy’s campaign is called “The Finger of Shame.”

Jimmy says he is annoyed by inconsiderate people. He believes they can be shamed into doing the right thing. He asked viewers to take pictures of people doing something wrong. He instructed them to make sure their finger was in the picture to indicate the person is being pointed at for doing a shameful act.

Kimmel explained how “The Finger of Shame” campaign works.

“If you see someone doing something inconsiderate in public, point at them, take a picture of the thoughtless act they are committing (make sure your finger’s in the shot!), and send it to Jimmy on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FingerOfShame. If we all work together, we can bring decency back to this world!”

Since Jimmy launched “The Finger of Shame” campaign, people have posted pictures on his Instagram page and his Twitter page, just as he instructed.

Jimmy Kimmel thinks people should be more aware of all of the inconsiderate behavior that goes on around them. That’s why he launched his campaign. He’s hoping this will make the world a better place.

Most of the “The Finger of Shame” photos sent in so far have cars in them that are parked incorrectly.

Here are five cars parking incorrectly. As you can see, they are parked in handicapped parking spaces with no indication that the owners are handicapped.

It is almost May, and this house still has icicles left over from the Christmas holiday. Somebody in the neighborhood pointed a finger at the icicles hanging from the roof.

Be careful what you do in public. Jimmy or one of his viewers might be watching and pointing a finger of shame at you.

Jimmy is known for pranking people, and kids are not off-limits. Last Halloween, he asked parents to trick their children into believing they ate all the candy their children had collected.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC each weeknight at 11:35 p.m. to see how “The Finger of Shame” is going. Make sure you are doing the right thing when you are out and about. Otherwise, you might end up with someone pointing a finger at you, and your photo will be on Jimmy’s Instagram or Twitter page.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]