What Will Happen to Emily Thorne in ‘Revenge’ Series Finale?

Revenge will end after four seasons. That has been confirmed by the network, and now many fans want to know how the series finale will end. Will Emily Thorne finally get her man and her revenge, or will she end up on the wrong side of a gun?

There are currently many theories and speculations going around. While fans may want a happy ending for the main protagonist, it could be difficult to wind up the story perfectly. After all, Emily Thorne assumed an identity and did a lot of illegal things to clear her father’s name. She would need a lot of friends in all the right places. On top of that, she got her best friend Nolan Ross involved, and Jack Porter and David Clarke were in on a number of staged events.

The season four premiere made it clear that Emily will struggle to stop her path of revenge. After clearing her name, she started helping others get the revenge they desired; some of them without realizing that they wanted that. After all this is over, it is unlikely that she would just be able to put it all behind her. Death seems like the only realistic way to bring an end to her storyline and not leave too much of a cliffhanger or too many questions for fans.

“There’s a tiny little cliffhanger in the series finale. We don’t want people to get weary of the stories we’re telling, so we felt like they deserve an ending to this novel that Mike Kelley started four years ago. I really feel like the last couple chapters are worthy of the first many.”

–Sunil Nayar, executive producer

Sunil Nayar, executive producer of Revenge, says that they have the perfect way to end the series. It is possible that a cliffhanger is used, as Kingmakers premieres in the fall. This has been officially named as a spin-off and could be used to connect the two shows.

“We’ve been talking to the network and we all just wanted to make sure that we felt very confident. Now that everybody has seen the finale—which is fabulous—everybody understands that as much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end. This is the series finale of Revenge that will be airing in a couple weeks.”

–Sunil Nayar, executive producer

Another option would be to fake Emily’s death. Entertainment Weekly has already questioned this and turned to Nayar to see what he believes. He already expressed his beliefs that there needs to be a bittersweet ending to it, considering all the death that has already happened. This does not necessarily mean Emily’s real death or even her death at all.

One death that is entirely possible is Jack’s. There has been a love story for the last four years between them; a constant series of missed opportunities because of Emily’s revenge plan. Now they can be together, but it would be bittersweet if he died instead.

The Daily Mirror reports that the ending will be fabulous. Revenge will certainly go out with a bang, and have a wrap up that the majority of fans will be extremely happy to see.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]