‘Scandal’ Schedule: When Does The Next New Episode Air?

The Scandal schedule for the remainder of Season 4 has shifted once again to throw another break into the mix of things. Only two more episodes remain before the season wraps, but no new episode is airing on Thursday, April 30. What’s the scoop?

Though originally the Scandal schedule did have the final episodes of the season airing on consecutive Thursdays for the final month, that has changed. There will be back-to-back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy airing on April 30, with the Scandal episode that was originally slated to air this week being pushed out a week.

While the multiple gaps in the schedule this season have frustrated fans, they’ll be sure to tune in on May 7 and 14 for the final shows of Season 4. Luckily, everybody now knows that Jake was revived after Russell left him for dead. However, Rowan and Russell have their plans to pursue, and Olivia and the others are still in danger.

As viewers saw at the end of the last episode, however, Rowan doesn’t have quite as much control over the current situation as he thought. Olivia figured out that Russell was working with her father and she called him out on it in a fabulous way. What comes next?

Fans heard Russell and Rowan talking about “Foxtail,” and surely viewers will learn more when the show returns. The show’s Facebook page confirms that the next new episode is airing on May 7, and it is teased that details regarding Foxtail will be revealed in that episode.

As TV Guide teases, the Season 4, Episode 21 show is titled “A Few Good Women.” The vice president pulls Olivia in to defend a female Navy member, and the case causes some challenges for Fitz. Huck and Quinn continue to dig into B613 while Mellie’s campaign continues. The official synopsis doesn’t tease anything specific regarding Foxtail or Jake, but clearly those topics will be touched upon.

The Season 4 finale is titled “You Can’t Take Command,” and it is set to air on May 14. It seems that Olivia and her group will go all-out to take down Rowan, though he’s made it clear that he’s not one to be easily conquered. Who will come out on top in this one? In addition, the election results for Mellie’s campaign will come in as the season ends.

Though the break in the Scandal schedule to accommodate a two-episode night of Grey’s Anatomy is annoying for fans, it does sound as if the final two episodes of Season 4 will be worth the wait.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]