Demi Lovato Slams ‘Drunk’ Claims From Tattoo Artist

If you’re going to say something about Demi Lovato, be prepared to hear from the singer on Twitter. That’s what happened when a tattoo artist called Lovato a “drunk ass” after detailing her experience tattooing her years ago.

The artist in question, Ashley McMullen, fired at the “Skyscraper” singer when Demi posted a picture of her new tattoo which covered up a previous tatt that Lovato referred to as a “vagina tattoo.” As you can probably guess, McMullen was the tattoo artist who gave Lovato the previous tattoo and was angry when she saw the comment.

In an Instagram post, Demi Lovato shared her new tattoo and said, “Bye bye and hello.. Thank you SO MUCH to my brother @GEESPOTAT2… It looks beaaauutiful and I LOVE it!! #RIPvaginatattoo #kidsdontdodrugs.”

Demi Lovato tattoo

McMullen slammed the comment by posting on Lovato’s Instagram page, “Cool post @ddlovato.”

She continued to lambast the singer, “Thanks for getting the tattoo covered up I did for free that you specifically asked for. Not to mention you didn’t even have the courtesy to offer me any money in the first place. You pissed all over our toilet seat and you made a fool of yourself. What a shame that people look up to you. The tattoo you covered it with kinda sucks too. Looks like you might forever be a goon. #demilovato #scumbag #turd #claimstobesober #drankallthebeer #peepeetoiletseat #yousuck.”

Lovato seemed to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing at first and responded by posting emojis of a laughing tears smiley, a toilet seat, and beers. But when McMullen continued to badger Lovato about her sobriety, which she has been very open about, Lovato took issue.

The tattoo artist continued in a separate comment, “It’s a really nice example to people your [sic] setting saying to not do drugs, but honestly you were acting like a full time slob… You never even gave me a shout out when I dealt with your drunk ass.”

According to Us magazine, Lovato posted a response using Twitter, which has now been deleted.

“First, I would like to say I’m really sorry I don’t remember you or getting tattooed by you, but as you know I was f—ed up and sometimes people act like ‘#turds’ when they’re loaded. Second, I apologize for my ‘#peepeetoiletseat’… That wasn’t on purpose, I was simply a drunken teenage girl. Lastly, I apologize for making fun of your work.. But… if I were you, I wouldn’t claim that one because it looked more like an open vagina (or even a butt hole as my 8 year old little sister called it at the time.)”

The singer continued, “I also wouldn’t be admitting to the fact that you tattooed a very intoxicated 18 year old on a tour bus without the proper judgement that most legit tattoo artists have.”

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So who’s in the wrong here? Is it Demi for airing out her disappointment in the artwork, or is it the tattoo artist airing out dirty laundry after agreeing to tattoo an intoxicated teenager?

[Photos Joe Scarnici / Getty Images]