Many Outraged By Young Thug’s ‘Ignorant’ Comments On The Baltimore Riots

After getting booed with “fans chanting ‘Wayne‘” at his concert last weekend in Louisiana, Young Thug is getting some more heat after sharing his thoughts on the rioting that has been taking place in Baltimore according to HipHopDX.

Young Thug took to Instagram to share his thoughts via video.

In the short video, Young Thug talks about what it is he thinks is going to fix the problems in Baltimore and just how he feels about the police, saying “War, rage, chaos: it’s the only thing needed in Baltimore right now. I wish I was from there, better yet, I wish I was there. I would go 730 with everybody out there, I promise. F*ck the cops. Black lives matter. Pray for my people.”

#amen VIDEO BY: @yslapparel

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So to put an end to the violence, we need “war, rage, chaos?”

Young Thug’s video did draw some supporters, with some saying they “gotta respect” and referring to his comments as “real sh!t” and agreeing “100%.”

Despite having supporters on Twitter, Instagram was not so agreeable. Young Thug stoked their ire, and they were sure to let him know just how they felt about his “ignorant” comments. Although many were riddled with cursing and insults telling Young Thug to “shut up,” one commenter was quick to point out, “Why though it will just get worst on us as blacks in America.”

One commenter was quick to call Young Thug out on a comment he had made before saying, “Go cuddle with your boss in your mansion. This is from the same person who said celebs shouldn’t speak on problems in the world.”

So what exactly was he referring to?

According to In Flex We Trust, “Apparently a week ago, Thugger said something along the lines of him thinking the government should handle the situation…people started to go in on him for flip flopping.”

“Just a few months ago when they asked him about Eric Garner this bastard said it wasn’t his business but now you wanna go joe hammington,” said a source on In Flex We Trust.

Young Thug has not commented further or replied to the many angry comments about his remarks on the rioting in Baltimore.

[Photo Courtesy of Music Times]