Leah Messer Works With Trainer, Jeremy Calvert ‘Can’t Wait To Go Home’ After Details Of Hookup With Model Emerge

Leah Messer’s marriage to Jeremy Calvert appears to be all but over at this point, and while most people place the blame solely on the Teen Mom 2 star’s alleged cheating, a new report suggests that her husband was planning on meeting up with other women.

After Jeremy took to Twitter last year to publicly declare that Leah had cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy started talking to a single West Virginia mother. The two quickly made plans to meet up and exchanged several steamy messages via the social networking site. However, Leah Messer caught wind of what was going on and quickly confronted the woman. After that, things seemed to be going well for the Teen Mom 2 couple as they spent New Year’s Eve together. However, a new report from Radar Online outlines how Jeremy Calvert was allegedly talking to a model around the same time and had even made plans to spend Christmas with her.

Radar reports that a model named Melissa Marie started tweeting with Calvert, who she called her “man crush.” In April of 2014, the two started exchanging messages via the social networking site after Melissa received confirmation that she was indeed talking to Jeremy. In order to prove it was him, a friend of the model’s told the site that he sent her a photo of himself holding a sign on which he had written her name.

The two allegedly exchanged messages and “naughty photos” all while Jeremy had insisted that his marriage to Leah Messer was over. However, after the two made plans to meet up, Jeremy Calvert suddenly “disappeared,” only to reemerge a few months later. The two began chatting again, and Melissa made plans to visit Jeremy in Ohio while he was working. The model made the trek to Ohio in November, and the friend alleges that things definitely happened between the two.

“They definitely had sex. Jeremy told Melissa he was falling for her. He wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. They were out in public and he didn’t try to hide her.”

However, this was around the same time that Jeremy was exchanging messages with Brittany Musick, the single mom from West Virginia, but Melissa didn’t know it at the time. However, she soon figured it out after Jeremy “disappeared again” and photos of him with Leah Messer showed up on social networking. Although Jeremy had allegedly made plans to spend Christmas in Arizona with Melissa, that didn’t happen, and he was spending time with his wife again around New Year’s Eve.

“Melissa realized he was texting Brittany while they were together in Ohio. She could see that she was just a hookup to him. She thinks he’s a douchebag. Fame has gone to his head!”

MTV has been busy filming for Teen Mom 2, and as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the all-new season will premiere this summer. It is unclear how much of Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s relationship will be shown, but fans are likely to find out what exactly has been going on with the two.

Meanwhile, the two have stayed mainly quiet on social networking, with Leah tweeting once in a while, most recently to reveal that she may be working with a trainer.

Jeremy Calvert, on the other hand, recently revealed that he “can’t wait to go home.”

— Jeremy Calvert (@Calvert505) April 30, 2015

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert will both appear on the new season of Teen Mom 2.

[Image: via Twitter]