Fattest Man In Britain Hasn’t Left His Apartment For Over A Year

A 900-pound man from Dover in the UK, dubbed the “fattest man in Britain,” hasn’t left his apartment even once in over a year due to his obesity.

Carl Thompson, 32, reportedly consumes around 10,000 calories a day, subsisting on a diet of ice cream and entire loaves of bread with jelly.

What’s more is that Carl has gained a massive 420 pounds in just three years and seems unconcerned about his life-threatening weight issue, which renders him unable to walk, dress himself, or wash.

Following some close calls with mild heart attacks and septicemia, Carl is now intending to heed the warnings of doctors.

He told reporters, “I could die, that’s the bottom line if I keep going the way I do. Because of what I eat I’m missing out on everything in life. I cannot go to the park and I cannot go on holiday.”

While talking about his diet of junk food and fast food, Carl added, “I’ve binged terribly over the years — my diet is totally random. Chinese, pizzas, spaghetti — you name it and I probably eat it. I sometimes get a whole jar of jam, an entire loaf of bread and eat the lot. I buy three boxes of Magnum ice creams and they’ll all be gone within a day.”

Carl blames his massive weight gain on the death of his mother, adding, “That’s how I put all this weight on. I was very close to my mum. She was fantastic, and I still haven’t got over it,” he said.

Carl doesn’t want to undergo surgery to deal with his weight problem and wants to drop the pounds through dieting and exercise.

He said, “I need to go somewhere to lose my weight naturally because I can’t do it on my own. I don’t want a gastric band, they’re dangerous. I’d like the help of a dietician and a psychiatrist to help shift the weight. I will go anywhere which will help me lose weight. It’s taken over my life. I can’t move, I can’t cook, and it’s time for that to end.”

[Image credit: sun.co.uk]