PlayStation 4 Consoles with ‘Silent Hills’ P.T. Soon To Be Historical Artifacts, Now Selling At $1000 A Pop

The PlayStation 4 community will not be seeing the highly-anticipated Silent Hills game coming to the console, but it seems that those wanting to get a taste of the game should have at least $1000 ready.

A recent article by Inquisitr reported that the Silent Hills playable teaser (P.T.), available for download for the PlayStation 4 console, was scheduled to be removed from the PlayStation store April 29, following Konami’s recent announcement that Silent Hills is officially cancelled. For PlayStation 4 fans who were not able to download the P.T., but are serious about wanting to give Silent Hills a run, there is only one workaround.

Gamespot reports that PlayStation 4 consoles with the Silent Hills P.T. installed have been selling on eBay for as much as $1,800 dollars. As of writing, there are a number of PlayStation 4 consoles for sale from different countries for immediate purchase or up for bids, but all of them are playing around the $1,000 mark. Most of the sellers who have put up the PlayStation 4 consoles for sale are trusted sellers with “100% positive feedback,” so those willing to take the offer should not be worried about the legitimacy or security of their purchases.

To quote one ebay seller, those PlayStation 4 consoles will indeed be a “rare piece of history” in time because of the limited number of users that were able to download the Silent Hills P.T. on the hard drives of their PlayStation consoles. But then again, will it be possible that Konami will bring back the Silent Hills P.T. for download on the PlayStation 4 or continue the making of the game in the future?

The Silent Hills P.T. for PlayStation 4 was announced last year at Gamescom as an interactive teaser for the game, and the fact that it was free to download on the PlayStation console got players excited. However, now that both the Silent Hills game and P.T. are out of reach, there might be hardcore PlayStation fans out there who are willing to shell out thousands to try the demo.

Co-directed by Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima, the Silent Hills game for PlayStation 4 was one of the most-anticipated horror game coming to the new generation PlayStation console, and its cancellation left a lot of people broken-hearted. The cancellation of the game and the P.T. for PlayStation 4 is just a small part of the drama currently ongoing between Konami and Kojima. Gamespot reports that Kojima is expected to part ways with the Japanese publisher later this year after he completes his work for another title under the company, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, also for the PlayStation platform.

With the rift between Kojima and Konami, Silent Hills might not be coming to the PlayStation 4 console any time soon. But with no news from Konami about the future of Silent Hills, fans are hoping that the game could somehow manage to get completed either with a different director or a different developer. If that happens then, we can only assume how the people who purchased the PlayStation 4 consoles installed with the Silent Hill P.T. feel.

[Screenshot of Silent Hills P.T. via IGN]