Imagine Dragons Set To Invade And Conquer Eastern Europe

Las Vegas-based alt-rockers Imagine Dragons seem intent on conquering the world, well the music world at least. After releasing their debut album Night Visions in 2012, Imagine Dragons set out on a gruelling world tour in support of the album and brought their fresh and modern take on rock music to new audiences right across the globe. It seems like Imagine Dragons are about to repeat the trick.

Night Visions in general, and two singles, “Radioactive” and “Demons,” in particular propelled Imagine Dragons from relative obscurity to super stardom almost overnight. Those two singles mean that Imagine Dragons is the only artist with two songs in the Top Ten Most Downloaded Songs in Rock History.

Dan Reynolds, the bands frontman has admitted that the bands rise to fame took it’s toll on his health. It is well documented that Reynolds suffers from depression and he admits that life on the road extracts a price. As Imagine Dragons toured the world, they turned all that time away from home into something positive by using all the time stuck in hotel rooms to write material for their new release “Smoke & Mirrors.”

“So many things were changing for us so quickly, the only way to feel some kind of stability was to keep writing. Going up to my hotel room to work on new songs became something I looked forward to every night on tour.”

“There were definitely a few times when the person next door’s banging on the wall because it’s 4 a.m. and they’re trying to sleep and I’m in there belting out some song I just wrote.”

Imagine Dragons are already out on tour in support of their new album completed the South American leg of the tour earlier this week. That leg included playing in front of 80,000 people in Rio De Janeiro and massive gigs in Mexico.

Last week Imagine Dragons announced that they would be returning to the United Kingdom in May to play at BBC Radio 1’s “Big Weekend” festival. This will be their first UK festival since main stage appearances at the Reading and Leeds twin festival in August 2014.

On April 29 Imagine Dragons gave their Eastern European fans something to get excited about when they took to Twitter to announce that the Smoke & Mirrors tour will now include a further 14 dates in Europe with Russia, Poland and the Baltic States all getting a visit.


The additional dates takes the number of shows on this tour up to an impressive 104 nights.

With that many dates across the globe Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons should have plenty of time to write material for their third album.

[Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images]