April 30, 2015
Anjelica Hadsell's Cause Of Death A Mystery As Her Family Divides

How did Anjelica Hadsell die? That question has yet to be answered while the public anxiously awaits toxicology results in her death. Meanwhile, the woman's loved ones are dividing publicly, especially since her aunt spoke exclusively in an interview for WTKR News 3. Wendy Stokes talked to the media to share her suspicions against individuals that are involved in this case. Even though she has already declared that she "lost faith" in her brother Wesley Hadsell, Stokes believes that more than one person is involved in the girl's demise.

"I will not say he's guilty and I will not say he's innocent, but I do not believe in any way shape or form that if anything comes down, that it was only one person."
The names of the people she suspects aren't being identified in news reports due to the sensitive nature of this case. Nobody has been declared suspects or persons of interest, but Stokes says that the people are part of the ongoing investigation. However, those people are publicly on Twitter and other social media platforms speaking out against Stokes, and they claim that she's not being truthful. So what is the truth in this case? Norfolk Police have been extremely tight-lipped on all the details that surround this case, so this continues to be a mystery.

When Anjelica Hadsell's body was found in Franklin, Virginia, last month, her cause of death wasn't immediately apparent -- even though she had only been missing for approximately one month. Authorities declared not long after the grim discovery, that they would be waiting at least nine weeks for toxicology results -- indicating that this is where her cause of death may be revealed. Authorities have never acknowledged whether or not there were any visible signs of trauma at the scene of the discovery, and they have also avoided blatantly calling this death a homicide.

While the public waits for answers, the loved ones of this once-missing woman are at odds. WAVY News reports that Anjelica's mother has been charged with buying alcohol for minors, but family members who live with Jennifer Busby Hadsell claim that her ex-husband, Zach Hoffer, had been harassing them, and that the allegations are fabricated. Meanwhile, people are becoming more and more divided on whether or not they trust Hoffer or suspect him in all of the speculation that is going wild on social media.

How did Anjelica Hadsell die -- and was her death the result of foul play? This case continues to be a topic of debate with no answers as police keep quiet. Meanwhile, the woman's adoptive father, Wesley Hadsell, remains behind bars on unrelated charges.

[Photo: Norfolk Police/Family of Anjelica Hadsell]