See Reaction After Man Builds Mini-House On Wheels For Woman Who Was Homeless For 10 Years [Video]

A man from Los Angeles frequently allowed a homeless woman who goes by the name “Smokie” sift through his recycling bin. However, he wanted to do more for the woman who had been homeless for 10 years. Therefore, he decided to build her a miniature house on wheels so that she would always have a roof over her head. The reactions was caught on tape as Smokie received the beautiful gift.

In the video, which was uploaded by Starting Human on Youtube, a man named Elvis Summers can be seen piecing together a small house with materials he had collected for the project. Elvis says that everyone should have a right to shelter and that no one deserves to sleep in the dirt. Therefore, he decided to create something for the 60-year-old homeless woman Smokie so that she would never be required to sleep in the patch of dirt he often saw her in again.

Summers says that the whole project took him five days and cost about $500. He says that the small amount of time and a little bit of money provided something for Smokie that she hadn’t had in a full 10 years. He even put a door with a lock and key on the tiny home so that Smokie would have some security.

The Daily Mail reports that the tiny house was initially placed outside of Summer’s apartment, but he put the home on wheels so that if the woman would like to move it she can do so easily.


What do you think of Smokie’s reaction to her new little home?