Woman Abandons Her Cat To Catch Plane — Faces Cruelty Charges

Unfortunately, we live in a disposable world. But living beings — including our animal companions — shouldn’t just be items of convenience. They have feelings and bond to their owners. However, a woman in her thirties hadn’t made previous arrangements to take her cat with her on a flight at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport. When she wanted to board, she was told that she couldn’t take the cat, according to Yahoo! Travel.

She left the desk, returning about a half hour later without her cat. Police superintendent Solfrid Nyheim indicated that two airline employees grew suspicious when the woman returned without the cat and searched the terminal. Norwegian police state that the search revealed that the woman abandoned her cat behind baggage at Oslo’s largest airport after she was turned away at the check-in. They took the cat to the police station at the airport.

Norwegian Air Shuttle spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen praised the employees who found the cat, stating that they followed acceptable protocol. He indicated that the woman wasn’t able to bring the cat, even in a carrier, in the passenger cabin because pets aren’t allowed in the passenger cabin on international flights. Instead, she was supposed to make special arrangements for the cat to fly in the cargo hold.

Amazingly, when questioned by police, the woman claimed that a friend had driven to the airport and picked up the cat after she was turned away from check-in. CCTV footage showed her ditching the cat and cavalierly sauntering away from the caged cat, according to police, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Of course, the woman cannot have custody of the cat after her cruel actions of abandoning it. Ms. Nyheim, who adopted another cat found at the airport, said the following, according to the Daily Mail.

“We cannot return it to an owner who treats it this way.”

Anything could have happened to the cat being left to fend for itself, abandoned in a carrier. Fortunately, the cat was taken to a shelter in the city of Lillestrom. The woman is facing a charge of animal cruelty.

What do you think about the woman abandoning her cat? Could you ever abandon a canine or feline family member to catch your flight? What penalty do you think that she should face? Please leave your comments below.

There is neglect and abandonment and there is active abuse. A family in Saratoga Springs, Utah, had reason to believe that their beloved black cat, Shadow, was being abused. But they didn’t know who could be hurting the cat. The cat had sustained hundreds of dollars of vet bills over time from injuries of unknown origin. Their veterinarian suspected that the injuries that the cat sustained were the result of abuse not by natural means. So Colleen Cloward and her son, Kaleb, suspected that her son’s friend, 19-year-old Jordan Lindquist, was the culprit. So Cloward set up a nanny cam in the bedroom to see what was going on, if anything. What was recorded was horrifying. The nanny cam clearly showed Lindquist entering his friend’s room and closing the curtains so he couldn’t be seen from outside the residence. He then retrieved the poor cat out from under the bed, threw Shadow on the bed, and continued to cruelly punch and shake the defenseless cat. He is now facing charges, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]