Jill Dillard Still Struggling From Difficult Birth? Appears In Pain As Derick Tends To Her Needs

Jill Dillard has been open about the fact that the birth of baby Israel did not go as planned. However, it seems that Jill is having a difficult recovery from the whole birthing process from a long labor to emergency c-section. A series of photos show Jill in apparent pain as she holds her abdomen and her doting husband Derick tends to her needs.

The photos, which were published in the Daily Mail, show the new mother leaving church on Sunday with a grimace of pain on her face. Jill typically has a nice and cheery expression but seemed in somewhat distress in the latest images. In addition to the facial expressions, Jill could also be seen closing her eyes and holding her abdomen as if she was in pain. She was wearing Duggar-friendly loose clothing and a long skirt, but could not hide the fact that she was obviously hurting.

Fortunately for Jill, her doting husband Derick did not make his wife walk to the car. Instead, Jill could be seen standing at the curb while Derick took baby Israel to the car. He then pulled around to pick up Jill from the curb. Though Jill is now three-weeks postpartum, it seems she still has a long way to go to full recovery. In addition to the latest photos from her church outing, Jill also had a “welcome baby Israel” party at the church with the whole Duggar family.

E! News reports that during the entire party for the newest Duggar grandbaby, Jill remained seated.

“Jill, 23, sat the entire time and Derick, 26, often got up and allowed people to take photos of the baby, who was swaddled in a blanket and sucked on a pacifier.”

The Duggar family invited guests from Jill’s church to meet baby Israel; however, only members of the Duggar family were allowed to hold the newborn, though members of the church were allowed to take photos of their new bundle of joy. Some of the party-goers also noted that Jill wasn’t her normal self and seemed more tired and possibly unwell.

Jill herself has noted that she is taking the backseat to caring for baby Israel at the moment. She says she hasn’t changed a single diaper and that Derick is a doting father.

With a 70-hour labor and emergency c-section, do you think Jill Dillard has a long way to post-baby recovery? What tips would you give the new mother to help ease the postpartum pains?

[Image Credit: Instagram]