Fight Over Parking Spot? Video Of Green Acres Mall Brawl Leads To Arrest Of Both Women

A fight over a parking spot at the Green Acres Mall in New York was caught on video, and now police have arrested both Twana Morel and Latoya Friday for being involved in the parking spot brawl. But why would anyone fight over such a simple matter in front of their own children?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the fight over the parking spot began due to a fairly common practice when a parking lot begins to fill up.

“The two women got into an argument when one of them attempted to park her car in a space and found a man standing over it to save it. The woman parked her car at a different spot in the parking lot — but on her way into the mall, got into an argument with the wife of the man who was blocking the parking lot space.”

In the video of the fight over the parking spot, Morel is show wearing an orange tank top. Morel is show punching Friday repeatedly while she is on the ground, and Morel’s husband cheers her on while holding a small child in his arms. Morel’s son cries out, “Mom, stop it!” but any attempts at stopping the parking spot brawl are ignored and he’s told to “mind his elders” instead.

Meanwhile, the husband circles the fight while saying, “My wife is gonna beat her a**! Yeah baby, bust her face.”

Although some seemed to encourage the violence, others were just sickened.

“I heard a kid say ‘mommy, mommy, stop,’ so that is a bad example that you can just go around and beat up people,” shopper Marie Campbell said, according to CBS Local.

“It’s stupidity. Somebody wanted a parking spot and they were going to fight over it. The parking lot is huge. They can park anywhere,” Helene Redell said.

Eventually, witnesses tired of watching the fight over the parking spot and decided to intervene. One man interjected himself between the two brawling women and physically separated them. When police looked at the evidence provided by the parking spot brawl video, they decided to arrest both of them based upon charges of third-degree assault.

“Both females displayed in that video have been arrested for assault third, and both are being released on appearance tickets,” Nassau County Police Chief of Detectives Kevin Smith said.

Both women have already been released from police custody. Unfortunately, there is now a verbal fight since Twana Morel claims Latoya Friday started the fight. It was Morel’s husband who held the parking spot for their family, but it is claimed that Friday threw the first punch.

[Image via NCPD]