April 30, 2015
International Dance Day: How The World Celebrated

April 29 is International Dance Day. Around the world people enjoyed many different forms of dance, some new to the style, others old hands at it. It is an event that was founded in 1982 by the the International Dance Council. Luca "Lazylegs" Patuelli was chosen to be the International Dance Day ambassador for 2015 and his inspiring video celebrating dance can be viewed here. So how did the rest of the world celebrate International Dance Day? You can find out below!


In the U.S., 9News anchors celebrated International Dance Day by creating vines of their special dance moves.


In Australia, International Dance Day is incorporated into Australian Dance week. Canberra, the nation's capital, celebrated by holding the biggest dance class they could.

International Dance Day in Canberra, Australia

United Kingdom

In Liverpool, the Merseyside Dance Initiative celebrated International Dance Day by hosting several events, including free classes in both English Folk Dance and North African dance.


Theater Federatioun in Luxembourg used International Dance Day to showcase 365 days of dance at their studio with the visually stunning video below.

And don't let age be your excuse for not celebrating. The grandmother below is 97 years old and still happy to get footloose and fancy free for the camera.

Although, possibly the strangest International Dance Day video is the Harry Hotter/Beyoncé mash up below.

However, if you are a fan of books, it seems you may not be inclined to dance if these employees from Doubleday Books are anything to go by.

For Dancing With The Stars contestants, every day is currently International Dance Day, so it will be interesting to see if today has inspired them to try harder and dance better in next week's show. And for recently eliminated contestant Willow Shields, it just may be too soon to celebrate this event.

How did you celebrate International Dance Day? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image Credits: City News/Peter Greig]