April 29, 2015
Wells Fargo Commercial: First American Bank To Feature LGBT Relationship In National Commercial [Video]

While other companies are discriminating against gay and lesbian customers, Wells Fargo is embracing the LGBT community with their newest commercial.

On Monday, the bank released nine diverse commercials, one of which features a lesbian couple learning American Sign Language so that they can adopt a deaf little girl.

"The notion of all of these ads is really telling stories to create a sense of togetherness," said Jamie Moldafsky, chief marketing officer for Wells Fargo, according to CNN Money.

Moldafsky explained that one out of every three households in the U.S. are Wells Fargo customers, and they wanted their ads to portray the diversity of their customers.

"Our hope is that in doing this we can talk to our customers more and engage with them about what's important to them," Moldafsky added.

Wells Fargo's new ad campaign comes not long after they were accused of discrimination by the United Church of Bacon, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, "John Whiteside, a retired pilot with United Airlines and a former combat pilot, visited his local Wells Fargo bank to notarize a state affidavit that would allow one of his congregates to officiate a marriage."

However, the employee turned Whiteside away, claiming they couldn't notarize the document. Whiteside claims the employee was discriminating against those who do not believe in God.

Wells Fargo released the following statement regarding the incident with Mr. Whiteside.

"Wells Fargo believes discrimination of any kind and against any group or customer base is wrong and we categorically deny the claims brought forth by Mr. Whiteside. We have a long history of supporting and serving the needs of a widely diverse customer base in Nevada and throughout the country. We regret that this organization and Mr. Whiteside have decided to target Wells Fargo as a means to further their agenda."
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[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]