WWE News: WWE And John Cena Having Major Problems, Reality Show Being Planned Around Cena Soon?

WWE Superstar John Cena is "the man" in WWE. While the company is attempting to bring up someone new to take the mantle, for now Cena is the guy who helps keep the lights on. Without a doubt, Cena is literally the biggest star of the 2000s, outside those who drifted over from the Attitude Era. What brings interest to the table is what could happen with Cena once WWE does finally find a guy to take his spot at the top of the mountain.

John Cena was asked on the Chris Jericho podcast if he would ever be heel. Cena didn't slap the idea down, and he said he'd like to. The only problem he had was what he does for Make-A-Wish and the stuff he does with kids. He said that he loves that and someone must do it. Until someone can take that over, until they can find the next him, he can't be heel.

Cena was against the idea of being heel only due to the idea that what he does outside the WWE has to be filled. He wanted someone to do that if he was a heel and couldn't do it. This is quite understandable. On top of all of this, however, he still has interests that he wants to pursue away from WWE. This has caused some tension between Cena and WWE, causing problems that date all the way back to February.

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According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is trying to shop around a spin-off reality show for John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and the Bella Twins. While the first place they wanted to do it was with E!, the network wasn't interested in a spin-off show. This was a way of WWE compromising with Cena. Basically, Cena's camp is pursuing a reality show with or without WWE's involvement that will just be about Cena. It is a great opportunity for Cena to have, and it would only help his career outside of WWE to have it.

Cena's life away from WWE is just as interesting these days as his wrestling career. Due to Cena getting movie and television offers, he easily has enough interest to draw ratings without WWE due to the value of his name, which will only improve as he continues to get offers.

WWE does not want John Cena to take offers that do not include them. The reason is two-fold. The first reason is that it would be a problem if the main guy in the company gets away with non-WWE offers while others have to turn down things because WWE won't allow it. The main reason is that WWE realizes that they could lose Cena if he was a main focus on a reality show on a major network. This is why WWE is doing their best to compromise.

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WWE can block Cena from doing anything they so choose, and they do not have to let him out of his WWE contract. Cena has too much respect for WWE and the fans to pull a CM Punk and just walk out. So he would be more than happy to stay until his WWE deal ends. However, once it ends, he does not have to sign a new deal. If WWE is desperate enough to keep him, Cena would most likely add in areas where he could do outside ventures.

WWE knows they have to do something big to make Cena happy. However, it is not as easy as just allowing Cena to do what he wants because it will set a bad precedent among all WWE Superstars, especially those without the clout of John Cena.

It is obvious that WWE wants to keep John Cena, as he is still a massive draw for WWE. While they are not putting him in the main event as often anymore, they will off and on. He still serves a huge purpose for WWE, including the WWE United States Championship, among many other things. He has a big role that no one can fill right now. That said, WWE wants to keep Cena. The sad part is that WWE has an issue between allowing him to do what he wants and having a locker room of bitter people or potentially losing Cena after his contract ends. It is a lose-lose situation in many ways.

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