Ohio Teacher, Sharon Budd, Wants Teen Attackers Tried As Adults After Throwing 5-Pound Rock That Left Her With A Crushed Skull, Brain Damage, And Loss Of An Eye

An Ohio teacher, Sharon Budd, 53, wants her teen attackers to be tried as adults after throwing a 5-pound rock that left her with a crushed skull, brain damage, and the loss of her right eye, Daily Mail reports.

In 2014, three 17-year-old teens decided to pull a practical joke by throwing rocks over a bridge on Interstate 80. The fun came to an end when one of the teens picked up a rock that weighed nearly 5-pounds over the bridge, crashing through Sharon’s windshield.

Sharon was sitting in the passenger seat of her family’s van when she was struck with a 5-pound rock that left her with a crushed skull, brain damage, and the loss of her right eye.

“It felt like an explosion,” Sharon’s husband, Randy Budd, stated in court as he recalls the moment the rock came crashing through the windshield, claiming it was the “most gruesome thing that I’ve ever seen.”

It is unclear whether or not the teens knew the rock they threw entered Sharon’s vehicle, but afterwards, they went home to watch a movie. They later returned to the bridge twice for unknown reasons. As they made their second trip to the bridge, the teens were stopped by a police officer because their license plate matched the vehicle they were looking for.

The fourth teen, Keefer McGee — who was not involved in throwing the rocks — immediately took a plea deal that would require him to give a testimony against Brett. If convicted, it would allow him to serve less than two years in a county jail in lieu of state prison.

Keefer said that while he was driving his vehicle over the bridge, his friends — Dylan, Porter, and Brett — asked him to stop. When he did, they got out and began throwing rocks over the bridge.

“I knew they were going to throw rocks, but never thought they were going to hurt anyone as they did it.”

The other teens pleaded no contest to the charges.

“I think they should be tried as adults because I think when you’re 17 or 18, you do make choices and you know what you’re doing,” Budd told reporters at NewsNet5.

Sharon wish to meet the three teens one-on-one without a glass partition so that she could say “‘Let me tell you about what’s happened since July 10,’ and just let them know there were huge consequences for what I guess they saw as a practical joke.”

Sharon and her family will appear in Union County court Thursday morning to find out if the judge decided to charge the teens as adults.

Sharon is currently improving and no longer needs physical therapy. She is truly at peace with her new look, and the teacher even claims that after having skull crushed by rock, she is “fabulous now.”

[Image courtesy of Doug Kerr/Flickr]