‘Dragon Ball Super’ Takes Place Right After ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ Where Is ‘Dragon Ball GT?’ [Opinion]

Dragon Ball Z - Battle For Z

Late last month, the Inquisitr reported breaking news in the anime world that after 18 years, Toei Animation will be creating an original series in the Dragon Ball Universe titled Dragon Ball Super. Classic anime fans were riveted with the announcement and became more so as details became reportedly available, including an episode count of either 100 to 200 episodes.

One detail that stands out — as both interesting and yet peculiar — is the fact Dragon Ball Super doesn’t take place after Dragon Ball GT, but right after Dragon Ball Z. Specifically, the events of the upcoming anime happen right after Majin Buu is defeated. The question is, why would Akira Toriyama (creator of the Dragon Ball Universe) and Toei Animation do that? It is believed among anime fans that Dragon Ball Super is a means to replace Dragon Ball GT because in all respects, the latter did not deliver. To put it bluntly, many fans consider the last series to be the worst of the three to the point fans questioned if it was canon.

First and foremost, Dragon Ball Super is anime fans’ hopes of a proper sequel to Dragon Ball Z. As mentioned earlier, Dragon Ball GT underdelivered to the point fans questioned if it was canonical. The IGN boards are an excellent source in which fans discuss why Dragon Ball GT was bad, stating details like overall concentration on two to five characters, under-powering characters from its predecessor, and plot holes galore.

To avoid writing a novel on all the issues Dragon Ball GT has, it is best to attach the YouTube video that many Dragon Ball Universe fan and websites link to for why it was terrible. At this point, it is safe to say overall that fans were not just disappointed with Dragon Ball GT, but they simply believe it sucked.

In conclusion, Akira Toriyama may be making Dragon Ball Super so that fans of the Dragon Ball Universe won’t leave his beloved with a sour taste in their collective mouths. By spearheading Dragon Ball Super, not just granting permission to Toei Animation to use character’s likeness, he can verify a stellar and satisfactory series be made and delivered to fans. However, it is possible that Dragon Ball Super is just a means of making the Dragon Ball Universe relevant to today’s anime.

[Image via Dragon Ball Xenoverse]