California Man Punches Bear In The Face To Save His Dog’s Life

When you come face-to-face with a bear, the most likely option you would choose is to run away from it. Not if you are this gritty old man from Placer County, California, though. Carl Moore is all of 73-years-old and he isn’t scared of bears. In fact, when a bear came face to face with him the last time, Moore punched it in the face instead of calling wildlife officials.

According to CBS Sacramento, it was last week that Carl Moore had his tiff with a wild bear. And Moore did not punch the bear in the face for no reason. The bear had apparently gotten into his front yard and was about to attack his tiny dog, Lacy. The dog had started whimpering at the sight of the bear that had wandered into his home. Annoyed at this act of trespassing by the bear, he charged straight at the bear and landed a punch right at its face. In an interview to CBS Sacramento, Moore says he is afraid of nothing.

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born, and his momma’s already dead.”

The gutsy old man goes on.

“I ain’t run from nothing; I never have in my whole life and I ain’t going to start now. And you’re not going to sacrifice my babies for some damn bear.”

Describing the moment the bear entered his home, Moore said he initially raised both his hands at cussed at the bear as a warning.

“I raised both hands in the air and I cussed at him, ‘Rrraaaaaaa! Get out of here you b*****d, and he looked at me like ‘Go eff yourself.’ “

Carl Moore then did the unthinkable. He headed straight to the bear and landed a whirling haymaker onto its face.

“He come up like this, and turned, boom, I hit him hard. Tyler said I damn corkscrewed his head.”

According to John Sargent, one of John Moore’s friends, the bear was only slightly shorter than Carl but was still a formidable opponent. Sargent added that Moore is known to be a tough guy thanks to his experience as an ex-first recon Marine.

“He’s an ex-first recon Marine. He’s been in barroom brawls, all kinda stuff,” Sargent said.

Carl Moore is happy his actions saved his dog’s life and is hopeful that the bear will take care to ensure that he doesn’t mess with Moore anymore in the future!

Incidentally, the report about Carl Moore fighting a bear all alone came on the same day the Inquisitr reported about the story of a man who fought off a leopard using just a stick.

[Image via KOVR-TV Sacramento]