The Latest ‘Attack On Titan’ Trailer Has Released And It Is Epic — First Scenes Showing Actual Titans Revealed [Video]

It is well-known that anime is one of the most popular niches here in the United States. Yet, its always been one delegated to younger generations because of mainstream anime like Pokemon and Digimon. That is no longer the case, as more sophisticated animes, such as Sword Art Online, are shown. Why, even our president, Barack Obama, has recognized anime (along with other entertainment exports from the Land of the Rising Sun) as a gift from Japan, worthy of giving thanks, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Summarized, anime is becoming more of an influence for American’s entertainment. Also, if an anime becomes prominent among general anime fans, it is usually given the live-action treatment. Animes (especially those used as inspiration for video games) that are examples of this include Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Deathnote. Now, the latest anime to join the live-action ranks is Attack on Titan. When fans first heard of this, they were ecstatic, but also disappointed the first trailer rarely showed an actual titan. That has changed with the latest trailer as titans are now revealed — and it is epic!

According to KpopStarz, the latest live-action trailer for Attack on Titan is technically the international trailer, complete with English subtitles. This means fans of the Attack on Titan will be able to watch the live-action adaption outside of Japan. Madman Entertainment stated the international trailer was made in honor of their announcement for both Australia and New Zealand later this year. This is unfortunate for fans who live in European or North American regions.

Right now, the lack of an announcement for Europe and the United States should be of no concern, since it is still early in the year. Forbes understood this, decidedly going a different direction with their reporting by comparing and contrasting the Attack on Titan live-action adaption to the source anime. It will still be suspenseful and the main character will be Eren, who is also one of the primary characters of the anime. The latter brings relief to purists who feared none of the anime’s characters will appear due to the large cast of new characters made specifically for this film.

Finally, fans are thankful that Japan is heralding the live-action adaption of the film, not an American company. Most anime fans express disdain for live-action adaptations of animes because American (or non-Japanese companies) have done a terrible job with them. So when Madman Entertainment, a Japanese company, was confirmed for the film, anime fans rejoiced, such as LG Leite de Oliveira, who said the following.

“Man, this will be amazing. Thank God it is being made in Japan. Imagine how terrible this movie would be if it was a North American production… They’d shove the Statue of Liberty somewhere somehow.”

As of now, there are no release dates for the international viewing of Attack on Titan in Australia and New Zealand. Also, it may be possible that at a later date, Madman Entertainment may include more regions for the international release — such news will be reported when it becomes available. Right now, the only guarantee is that Attack on Titan live-action adaption will release in Japan (and other countries in said region) in two parts. The first will release on August 1, 2015, and the second on September 19, 2015.

[Image via Attack on Titan Promotions]