Parking Lot Brawl: Mother Beats Up Woman Over Parking Spot As Her Children, Husband Watch [Video]

A video showing two women involved in a parking lot brawl is being shared widely on social media websites. According to a KTLA 5 report, the incident reportedly happened in the parking lot of a New York mall. While the actual reasons of the brawl aren’t clear yet, an initial report by WPIX said that the parking lot brawl took place over an empty parking spot that was left at the parking lot of the Green Acres Mall in Long Island.

According to that report, the two women got into an argument when one of them attempted to park her car in a space and found a man standing over it to save it. The woman parked her car at a different spot in the parking lot — but on her way into the mall, got into an argument with the wife of the man who was blocking the parking lot space.

While it is not clear from the video who started the brawl first, the woman who is seen hitting most of the blows has claimed that she is the actual victim in this case and that she was attacked first by the other woman.

We have embedded the video below.

[Note: The video contains strong, offensive language, viewer discretion advised]

In the two-minute long video, you can see how the woman in the orange tank top repeatedly punches the other woman, even as her husband and children watch on. Several other people in the parking lot are also seen doing nothing but watching the two women brawl. In fact, the husband is heard yelling the following.

“My wife is gonna beat her a**! Yeah baby, bust her face.”

A child can also be heard yelling in the video and asking his mom to stop.

“Mom, stop it!” but he is told, “Mind your elders.”

The husband goes on.

“You got knocked on your face for running your f***** mouth. Now go home. Brooklyn style, b****.”

The parking lot brawl was eventually stopped by a man who intervenes and physically separates the two women from hitting each other. The video of this parking lot brawl was initially posted on Facebook — but was removed. A copy of it is now on YouTube.

Following investigation by local police authorities, both the women involved in the parking lot brawl have been arrested, according to an updated report by WPIX. The woman in the orange tank top has been identified as “Sharice,” while the woman in gray is called “Latoya.” The last names of the two women haven’t been released.

Both the women involved in the brawl have been charged with third degree assault and were released on appearance tickets.

Earlier this month, the Inquisitr had also reported about the Walmart parking lot incident in Cottonwood, Arizona.

[Image via YouTube]