Cole Hamels Trade Rumors: Many Teams Want To Trade For Hamels Soon

Cole Hamels trade rumors are starting to pick up again. These Hamels rumors make sense with all the injuries taking place around Major League Baseball. It has created a market for the Philadelphia Phillies to try to deal the best asset from their roster. It could actually increase the trade value for Hamels, especially as some pitching staffs start getting desperate to find improvements. It was reported by USA Today Sports that the “suitors for Cole Hamels are starting to line up.”

As for the teams possibly interested an a Cole Hamels trade, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro actually revealed who some of the other general managers are that he has spoken with. It includes representatives of the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and St. Louis Cardinals. The increased need was underscored within that USA Today Sports article.

“Amaro’s phone has started to ring with a little more frequency lately, as he had talks again Tuesday morning with an unidentified team, with some desperation starting to creep in.”

Desperation for other teams is a good thing for Ruben Amaro, especially with the added pressure from a fan base that just wants the team to be competitive again. To do that, Amaro needs to trade some of the veteran players that the Phillies have on the roster. Turning them into an influx of young players and prospects could also save the franchise a lot of money in the short-term. Despite a hefty payroll, the current roster hasn’t been finding a lot of success.

In the updated MLB standings from Wednesday (April 29), the Philadelphia Phillies (8-13) are tied for last place in the National League East. The team is also already seven games behind the first place New York Mets. Just about four weeks into the regular season, that’s not close to where Amaro or the fans wanted the team to be relegated. It cannot be helped if the Phillies just don’t have enough talent to compete with other divisional teams that have improved vastly over the past year.

It was previously reported on the Inquisitr that the Boston Red Sox had been engaged in trade talks with the Philadelphia Phillies. Currently, the Red Sox starting pitchers have the worst ERA in the major leagues. Then the St. Louis Cardinals lost Adam Wainwright, the Toronto Blue Jays lost Marcus Stroman, and the Los Angeles Dodgers lost Brandon McCarthy to season-ending injuries. It leads to many new Cole Hamels trade rumors surfacing, and a prime opportunity for Ruben Amaro to bring the Phillies some significant assets. Even with nothing imminent, it shows that Hamels may not be in Philadelphia much longer.

[Image Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]