Jimmy Savile Given Free Reign At Girls’ School — Report Uncovers 23 Victims Of Prolific Pedophile

Britain’s most prolific pedophile also happened to be a popular TV personality in the 1970s. Over a period of five years, Jimmy Savile used that fame to abuse 23 disturbed teen girls, a new report has revealed.

From 1974 to 1979, Savile prowled the Duncroft Approved School in Staines, Surrey for victims, committing at least 46 crimes against emotionally disturbed girls without the staff’s knowledge, the BBC reported.

The report — which followed an original investigation called Operation Ornament — revealed that Jimmy Savile visited the school 16 times, stayed at least twice, and his activities weren’t overseen by school staff. Savile died in 2011 and the original probe ended in 2009; no charges were filed because authorities didn’t think they could prosecute.

The new report, Operation Outreach, was performed to obtain a “clearer picture” of Savile’s abuses. It also cleared staff of complicity, added Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan; the charity ran Duncroft for a while.

“We are shocked and saddened by what the investigation has found. However, there is no evidence that any staff knew about the abuse at the time. We are sorry that the standards of social work practice at the time have led to some people feeling they were let down by the care system at Duncroft.”

Jimmy Savile targeted girls between 14 and 17 years old. According to the Guardian, 25 of the 46 offenses occurred on the grounds and 13 took place in Savile’s car. He abused his victims in and outside the principal’s office, at the entrance, a communal TV room, kitchen and dining room, as well as a music room and lodge on the grounds, added Express UK.

Savile even visited what was called the “padded room,” an intensive care unit where the most disturbed girls were housed.

Jimmy apparently kissed and touched them sexually, and forced one into oral sex.

Though the investigation determined staff weren’t aware of Jimmy Savile’s vile acts, Charity Victim Support Director Karen Froggatt seems skeptical.

“If those supposed to be protecting these vulnerable young people had spent less time judging their behaviour and more time believing their cries for help, the dreadful abuse detailed in this report would have ended far sooner.”

Jimmy Savile lived to be 84. He was a Radio 1 DJ and had a show called Jim’ll Fixt It on the BBC. Many believe that Savile assaulted hundreds of people aged five to 75 over 60 years.

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