Man Caught On Nanny Cam Viciously Beating House Cat, Arrested By Police [Graphic Video]

A family in Saratoga Springs, Utah, had reason to believe that their beloved black cat, Shadow, was being abused. But they didn’t know who could be hurting the cat. The cat had sustained hundreds of dollars of vet bills over time from injuries of unknown origin. Their veterinarian suspected that the injuries that the cat sustained were the result of abuse not by natural means. So Colleen Cloward and her son, Kaleb, suspected that her son’s friend, 19-year-old Jordan Lindquist, was the culprit, according to the Catington Post.

So Cloward set up a nanny cam in the bedroom to see what was going on, if anything. What was recorded was horrifying. The nanny cam clearly showed Lindquist entering his friend’s room and closing the curtains so he couldn’t be seen from outside the residence. He then retrieved the poor cat out from under the bed, threw Shadow on the bed, and continued to cruelly punch and shake the defenseless cat. The police said the following, according to FOX Channel 13, Salt Lake City.

[Warning: a graphic video can be found at this link.]

“Officers watching the video believed if the cat had been a baby, it would probably have been killed because of the viciousness and violence of the shaking and from the punches to the head it sustained… The depravity and viciousness of the abuse to the complainant’s cat was extremely violent and was obviously causing severe suffering and pain to the animal… The domestic cat is a companion animal and it suffered torture at Jordan Lindquist’s hands by being viciously beaten.”

Once he realized what was going on, Cloward’s son could be heard on the nanny cam recording yelling at Lindquist to get out of the house. Lindquist then appeared to realize that he was being watched on a nanny cam in the room, because he covered it with a t-shirt, and he left the house before Cloward or the police arrived.

Lindquist was booked into Utah County Jail and charged with one count of animal cruelty, a third-degree felony.

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One case of animal abuse is one too many. Another innocent cat, who rescuers named “Bruce Almighty,” was also severely abused. The black-and-white cat with a black mask staggered onto a homeowner’s yard in the northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan. The poor kitty had been severely abused: someone had tightly wrapped electrical tape around his legs, cutting off circulation and leading to tissue damage. The vets were able to take great care of Bruce and save his legs, at last report, though he is still recovering.

[Photo Courtesy Utah County Jail, Booking Photo]