‘Revenge’ Canceled: Season 4 Finale Marks End Of Series, What Can Fans Expect?

There has been speculation all season regarding the possibility of a Revenge cancellation by ABC and now the network has made it official. The Season 4 finale will mark the end of the road for the show. What’s the scoop?

There have been many twists and turns along the way, but many fans suspected that the end was near. Now, as executive producer Sunil Nayar shares with Entertainment Weekly, the finish line has definitively been established. The May 10 Season 4 finale will also be the series finale.

The show has killed off two key characters in this current season, with both Daniel and now Victoria Grayson dying. Emily’s been reunited with her father and it certainly seemed that the writing was on the wall regarding a series end ahead. Fans can feel a bit of relief, at least, that the finale was written and filmed in a way that lets it sufficiently serve as the series end, an opportunity that not all shows are given.

Nayar says that the finale is fabulous and that “it has hit exactly the mark it needed to end.” He adds that in talking with the network everybody wanted to be sure that canceling the show at this point was the right call. He reveals that now that they’ve all taken a look at the finished episode, everybody was confident that it was time.

While Nayar says that they had a plan for how the series could continue if ABC had renewed Revenge, there will be shockers ahead as the series wraps. The executive producer does tease a bit of a Revenge spoiler in saying that there is a bit of a cliffhanger in the finale, along with some very emotional moments. However, he says that fans will get closure in this final episode as well.

The series finale is titled “Two Graves,” and naturally many wonder if Emily will die as the show ends its run. Considering that the finale was put together before ABC canceled the show for good, it would seem unlikely that Emily dies. However, when it comes to the twists and turns on this show, one never knows just how far things might go.

How does it all end? Nayar’s Revenge spoilers don’t reveal much, but he says there are shockers and epic moments. He says he thinks the finale is a perfect mix of giving fans what they want and what they’d never expect, and he believes it’ll be satisfying.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Revenge spoilers seemingly already revealed one death yet to come. There is said to be at least one character return, Emily/Amanda owning all she’s done and as TVLine teases, a “definitive change” in how things are between Amanda and Jack.

Can the Revenge series finale really live up to the expectations fans will have? It seems clear via the spoilers available that it will be a wild episode that may well leave viewers wanting more. Stay tuned for more details as the finale episode of Revenge gets set to air on May 10.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]