Microsoft Windows 10 May Run Same Apps As Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Microsoft is getting ready to release Windows 10, and it may have a feature that will excite smartphone enthusiasts: the ability to run Android apps. Phandroid broke the news yesterday.

“Windows enthusiast blogger Paul Thurrott has revealed that Microsoft will most likely announce that Windows 10 will support Android apps. The details are slim, but we imagine it wouldn’t be much different than what Blackberry did a couple of years ago. The Canadian company created an Android runtime that would allow Android apps to run as long as the app was properly ported by a developer, a process which only took about 5 minutes of work.”

The thought of running Android apps on an upcoming Windows 10 device such as the Surface Pro 4 is certainly exciting. It may happen pretty soon; according to Ars Technica, the final version of Windows 10 will arrive in July.

“In the conference call AMD hosted last week to discuss its first quarter results, CEO Lisa Su let slip with a piece of information that wasn’t immediately caught: she said that Windows 10 would be released in late July…Su said on the call that AMD expected the second half of the year to have a stronger PC market than the first half, due to the launch of Windows 10. In answering a question to clarify this, she said that AMD was factoring in the Windows 10 launch at the end of July.”

Early versions of Windows 10 have received very favorable reviews. Forbes calls the latest release “The Big One.”

“Let’s cut to the chase. What Windows 10 Build 100161 does so well is bring everything together. It brings Start, Taskbar and Action Center improvements, polishes Continuum and Task View, gives the Virtual Desktops some much needed love and there are new Mail and Calendar apps. It’s tight, smart and nicely knits new with old.”

As noted by WinBeta, Microsoft keeps adding features to Windows 10 that are requested by early users. Clearly, this is going to benefit Microsoft in the long run. Even after they release Windows 10 in July, Microsoft can always add features, as there will probably be several updated versions of Windows 10 that consumers can easily download.

Running Android apps on a Windows 10 device is comparable to running iPhone apps on your MacBook Pro. This could be a huge selling point for Microsoft, who has lost share in the computer world since the disastrous release of Windows Vista in 2007. Microsoft made a brief comeback with Windows 7 in 2009, but that was soon replaced with a consumer-unfriendly version of Windows 8, which made many say that Microsoft was practically dead. In 2015, Microsoft is proving that there really is life after death.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]