Jake Evans: Teen Killer Sentenced To 45 Years For Fatal Shooting Of Mother, Sister After Watching ‘Halloween’ Movie

Jake Evans, aka Jacob Evans, the teen who killed his mother and sister in a fatal shooting in Texas three years ago after watching a horror movie, has been sentenced to 45 years in prison. ABC News is reporting now that Jacob “Jake” Evans pleaded guilty in the deaths of his family members and was sentenced by a Parker County jury to more than four decades in prison. According to the terms of the sentence, Jake Evans must serve a little more than 22 years in prison before he is eligible to see the parole board. The two years already served will count toward his total time.

The killer teen could have faced the death penalty if he had not been under the age of 18 at the time. However, many members of the community wanted to see him put to death for his heinous crime — despite his age.

According to an earlier Inquisitr report, Jacob Ryan Evans made headlines in 2012 after news shocked the community that a 17-year-old boy had killed his sister and mother. Evans claimed that he killed them after watching a Halloween movie. Court records show that Jacob Evans carried out his plan to murder his sister and mother.

“My plan was to kill my sister and my mom at my house and then go over to my grandparents and kill my oldest sister Emily and my two grandparents.”

Jake Evans was the one who called 911, informing them that he had killed his family. He told the 911 operator that he wasn’t angry but felt “suffocated” by his family. He admitted that he planned the attack and described himself as evil. After the murders, he stated that the killings would haunt him for the rest of his life.

When police arrived at the Annetta South home, they found a teen and a middle-aged woman with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. They were positively identified as 15-year-old Mallory Evans and 41-year-old Jami Evans. An autopsy report concluded that Mallory Evans suffered gunshot wounds to the head and neck, and her mother, Jami Evans, received several gunshot wounds to the head.

Some dispute that watching the violent slasher film had an impact on Jake Evans’ evil act that day, and that his crime indicated a deeper problem. But several studies show that watching violent movies can heavily impact a child or a teen’s future for demonstrating aggressive or violent behavior.

According to, Deseret News National, the Association for Youth Children and Natural Psychology makes this observation.

“There is evidence that films for young children have become significantly more violent in recent years and that children are increasing amounts of time watching movies.”

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