Jessica Alba Has No Problems Being Tough, ‘I’ve Made People Cry’

Jessica Alba began The Honest Company in 2012 with Christopher Gavigan, boasting products that are eco-friendly and safe. But don’t think that the sweet faced Good Luck Chuck star is so sweet in the boardroom. Alba admitted that she tends to rule with an “iron fist” according to Marie Claire.

Alba stated that she doesn’t like to beat around the bush, no matter what the consequences.

“I’m straight to the point. I’ve made people cry.”

And while she seems ready to admit the fact that she can bring tears to an adult’s eyes, Alba adds, “I have to say: ‘This isn’t personal. This is what needs to get done and it’s just as simple as that. And…we’re not crying anymore.'”

Alba admitted, though, that she is trying to “tone herself down,” according to People.

And Alba has said that she has no problems working with mostly men in her boardroom.

“My [business] partners are men. Whenever I say something that’s kind of against their intuition, they go back and talk to their wives…And then their wives usually agree with me. So that’s how we get stuff done over here.”

And Alba has been getting quite a lot down over at The Honest Company. According to the Wall Street Journal, Alba’s company’s value was “just shy of $1 billion” in August of 2014. And Alba is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her company growing.

Jeremy Liew, one of Alba’s partner investors, has admitted that Alba ” has leveraged her star power for the benefit of the startup.”

When speaking of Alba, Liew said, “She is an international star. We’re starting to see a lot of demand from her fans around the world.”

And Alba isn’t done just yet. The mother of two has no problems taking it to the next level.

“I didn’t want to wake up and kick myself for not pursuing something I believed in…I couldn’t wait to reject the status quo, punch it in the face and kick it to the curb,” Alba said.

Alba shared with More her perspective on her business saying, “When you look at the marketplace that we’re playing in, it’s trillions of dollars. Window cleaner alone is a billion-dollar business, just to give a bit of perspective, because people get so freaked out by our valuation. Also, it doesn’t feel tangible yet, because I’m still hustling.”

With her eco-friendly company’s success, it appears that Jessica Alba will do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means a few tears and a whole lot of hustling.

[Photo Courtesy of ABC News]