‘Partridge Family’ Star Dies: Is ‘Tracy’ Hoping We’ll Get Happy Again?

The Partridge Family youngest, Suzanne Crough, is the first to die of the actors playing the famous TV family. Suzanne was Tracy Partridge, younger sister to Keith, Laurie, Danny, and Chris Partridge in the family band led by mother Shirley Partridge.

After The Partridge Family finished its final season, Suzanne melted into the background, marrying cop William Condray and moving to Laughlin, Nevada, near Las Vegas. The couple raised a family and had one granddaughter at the time of Suzanne’s death.

Her husband, William, spoke tearfully of his beloved wife, and talked about how they met when a friend introduced them in their early 20s. Suzanne was still an actress and William was a night shift cop.

“I asked her if she was a real actress, and she asked me if I was a real cop.”

Her husband described Suzanne’s devotion to their real life family after her years with a TV family.

“I can’t tell you the number of sacrifices she made in order for me to get through law school and for our kids. She was truly a devout mother. She was madly in love with her granddaughter.

My wife and I were going to celebrate 30 years of marriage in July.”

The Partridge Family is still remembered affectionately by fans, even those who weren’t born when the show first aired in 1970.

A lot of people were even hoping for a reunion tour and are coming to terms with the end of that dream.

The show was in itself a dream come true for those watching it in the early 70s. In the era of hippies, folk music, and rolling homes, young fans could imagine themselves as members of the Partridge Family.

Other cast members share fans’ affection for Suzanne and her character, Tracy. Partridge Family co-star Danny Bonaduce, who played the TV family’s older brother, Danny, to Suzanne’s Tracy, expressed sadness about Suzanne’s death and acknowledged his troubled post-Partridge Family lifestyle.

“Everyone thought I’d be the first Partridge to go. Sadly it was little Tracy. Suzanne was a wonderful lady and a good mom. She will be missed.”

Partridge Family mom Shirley Jones felt a strong family connection with her TV daughter.

“I am so devastated to hear of the sad and sudden loss of Suzanne. I still remember her as my young daughter on The Partridge Family. She was the baby of the show. It’s a rude awakening that we are all mortal. How fleeting life is. My heart goes out to her family and children. Suzanne will always be remembered and I will always treasure my memories of her. Suzanne Crough … my sweet TV baby for 5 years … only 52 … never a sick day … two adorable children … a devoted husband … everything to live for … just fell asleep at the dining room table and left us forever. Dear God take care of my baby.”

The news of Suzanne’s death was first announced on TMZ.

“Obviously a tremendous loss for that family, for everyone she worked with. It’s a sad day.”

We have to wonder if Tracy is watching us now, and if would she’d want to tell us, “C’mon, get happy!”

[Image via CTV News]