Fredrik Eklund’s Best Business Advice Is Rooted In Hilarious Poop Quote

Fredrik Eklund knew what he wanted to do from a very young age. When he was just a child, Fredrik went to New York and he was immediately captivated by the big city’s views, tall buildings, and people’s busy lifestyles. Eklund knew that he wanted to come back to New York. These days, many would argue that Fredrik is indeed the king of the city.

Long before Fredrik Eklund was a star on Million Dollar Listing: New York, he was working as a real-estate agent in the big city. Eklund had plenty of clients and was working super hard to be the best in his industry. Now, with a brand new book on the market called The Sell, Eklund is sharing some of the best advice he has ever received.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund is revealing that the best advice he has gotten came from his grandmother. The quote is delivered in Swedish, so Fredrik’s translation is a rough translation.

“It’s hard to translate to English, but she told me, ‘If you want to fly like a bird you have to cut off the poop that weighs you down,'” Fredrik Eklund has revealed, adding, “That means you cannot be around negativity. You cannot let the naysayers win. You have to cut them from your life and soar up the sky.”

Fredrik Eklund has shared many personal things on Million Dollar Listing: New York, including his journey to get married, his desire to have a child, and even him feuding with his Bravo co-stars. But if there is one thing he has learned, it is that authenticity is indeed the key to success. No one could ever do a dinosaur kick like Eklund.

“People seemed to be genuinely interested in my story,” Fredrik has said, adding, “Being myself and who I really am, being authentic to who I am, is so important. I made the mistake of not doing that in the beginning of my career, thinking that people couldn’t take the 100 percent truth of who I am. But I know now that the only thing you have is you, and if you can sell yourself, you can sell anything.”

But Eklund knows that his Million Dollar Listing: New York fans are a big reason why he continues to be on television. And he has nothing but kind words to say to his fans. And they will be along for the journey as he becomes a father for the first time. According to the Inquisitr, Fredrik recently revealed that he and Derek Kaplan are expecting via a surrogate. He hinted that his daughter would be arriving “very soon.”

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s advice?

[Image via Bravo]