Rod Blagojevich Headed to Prison, Will Be Inmate 40892-424

It’s the last day on the outside for quite some time for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who is headed off to prison early Thursday to serve a 14-year long sentence for corruption.

The incarceration of Rod Blagojevich comes after years of legal wrangling following his initial arrest in December of 2008 on corruption charges- once named “America’s Least Popular Governor,” Blago was soon impeached and removed from office over the course of January in 2009. Eventually he was dealt several charges, including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and one count of soliciting bribes- and the former governor was accused of trying to “sell” the recently vacated Senate seat of President Obama following his election.

Blagojevich has not yet made a statement ahead of his impending incarceration, but before he reports to the federal prison in Littleton, Colorado, he plans to speak this evening outside his Ravenswood Manor home. Blagojevich- who will soon be inmate 40892-424- spent the Tuesday ahead of being jailed with his wife and two children at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and neighbors and friends later stopped by the Blagojevich home to offer words of support.

In coming days, however, Blagojevich will have to get accustomed to an entirely different sort of lifestyle, says prison consultant and coach Wendy Feldman. Feldman spoke to MSNBC about how she preps her clients for a stint in jail, and said of Blagojevich’s 14-year sentence:

“This is what I try to get all my clients to understand… There is a reason that you’ve gotten yourself this ticket to prison. [Blagojevich] is going to have to learn humility, and then respect, and then he’ll need to ease in to the process, because he’s got such a long time to be there.”

Of his time inside, Feldman says that officials “are going to be hard on him,” and that “other inmates are going to be exceptionally hard on him.”