Chris Soules Admits To Troubles With Whitney: 'I’m Not Even Existent To Her'

Chris Soules has been spending much of his time practicing his dancing skills to put his best foot forward on Dancing with the Stars. And many people are noticing that Soules' life is currently packed with dancing practices and not many date nights with his future wife, Whitney Bischoff. Even though she has been trying to keep the romance alive, Chris isn't repaying the favor - at least not in social media posts.

This week, Chris Soules competed on the show and he didn't have his future wife in the audience to support him. And many people were wondering what was going on with him, as he looked nervous and scared. Of course, Chris may have been nervous about his standing on the dancing leaderboard, but he may have known that people were questioning his relationship status.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Soules had no problem speaking out Whitney's absence. But it was what Chris said that has caused some concern. Sure, Soules is working hard to give the judges what they want, but is he risking his relationship with Bischoff to do so?

"She actually went back to Chicago this weekend," Chris Soules has revealed to Glamour magazine about Whitney Bischoff's absence this week at Dancing with the Stars, adding, "She had some work things to get caught up on."

According to the Inquisitr, Whitney Bischoff admitted that she wasn't in the audience. On her Instagram, she revealed that she had gone back home to see her dog, her friends, and even attend the Kentucky Derby. Interestingly, Whitney shared a picture of herself, but she didn't reveal her face.

"And now [this process is] getting really intense. I'm not even existent to her," Chris Soules revealed about Whitney Bischoff, adding, "And she's missing friends and home, so she's going to take some time back there. I'm sure she'll be back in the next couple weeks hopefully if I'm still here."

This is far from the first time that rumors have surfaced about Chris Soules and Whitney, but he has never really said anything about them having troubles. And yet, saying that he is non-existent to her is a big signal that something is wrong. Sean Lowe did warn Chris about this prior to him going on Dancing with the Stars, as he had been in that same spot once before.

What do you think of Chris Soules' comment? Do you think he should have handled the situation differently, even if there are troubles between Soules and Bischoff?

[Image via Wetpaint Entertainment]