John Stamos Sweet Talks Olsen Twins — Will Michelle Tanner Even Join ‘Fuller House’ Cast?

The Internet has been frazzled the past couple of days about a supposed spat between John Stamos and one of the Olsen twins. We only have a few phrases to analyze, but evidently, Uncle Jesse smoothed things over with a vaguely termed “sweet talk,” People reported.

Children of the 90’s are practically drooling over the idea of a new Full House. Stamos is producing a reboot called Fuller House, which will start with a special next year and a 12-episode Netflix series, US Weekly reported.

John and most of the original cast is on board already. The show will focus on Candace Cameron Brue as the now-widowed DJ Tanner, Andrea Barber as Kimmy, and Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie will also star, MTV added.

But the question on everyone’s minds is — will Mary-Kate and Ashley (one or the other) reprise their childhood role as Michelle? Hopes were dashed when the latter twin told Women’s Wear Daily that she and her sis had no idea the show was in the works.

They only found out because Stamos talked about it on Jimmy Kimmel Live. To which John called shenanigans, or more accurately “bulls**t.”

Don’t worry. Michelle and her Uncle Jesse don’t appear to be fighting, though it’s admittedly hard to tell. Stamos announced on Twitter, with nary a detail to provide context, that he and the sisters had a “sweet talk.”

Was it about the show? When did this happen? Where?

Who knows. John Stamos hasn’t said anything further, noting in his vague post that “there [are] way more important things going [on] in the [world] today.”

Which is true. Stamos and the Olsen twins have a history of battles, and John has had to be the bigger man and sweet talk them before. Though to be fair, their disagreements date to when the girls were infants and they wouldn’t stop crying, MTV reported.

Stamos got them fired, but the new babies cried, too, and the originals were brought back. He actually fought to keep Ashley when — six seasons in — the sisters started to look too different and only one was needed. Stamos pulled out the sweet talk again, and both girls kept their jobs.

Few Full House fans would feel complete without both girls featuring in the reboot. But Cameron Bure disappointed fans when she told Us Weekly, “I’m not holding my breath” for their return.

Luckily there are more Olsen sisters to pick from, as Aunt Becky (aka Lori Loughlin) pointed out.

“Maybe their younger sister Lizzie! That would be fun, right? They are all beautiful. They have good genes!”

Perhaps he needs to work a bit more sweet talk before they’ll agree to be on the show.

[Photo Courtesy John Sciulli/Getty Images]