Mom’s Facebook Request For Child Will Break Your Heart

A Facebook request from British mom Molly-Mole Povey serves as a sobering reminder that the little ones parents love so dear are not always as embraced by the world-at-large.

(Or maybe they are, but more on that in a moment.)

Povey said it was heartbreaking listening to her sensitive child Roman cry himself to sleep every night, and when you hear why, it may be hard to keep from shedding a tear or two yourself.

See, Roman is 11 years old. He’s in that awkward stage of life where changes are starting to happen and self-awareness is becoming painfully clear.

Looking at other kids, Roman realized that he didn’t have any friends the way that so many of his classmates did no matter how hard he tried.

When a parent brings their bundle of joy into the world and looks at their helpless little form for the first time, they are overcome with a protective love that’s hard to believe is even possible. That’s how Povey felt when she made this Facebook request.

“Roman doesn’t have any friends and often cries himself to sleep because of this. I cannot express how heart-breaking these past few years have been seeing my beautiful boy so upset, so often. [It] would mean the world to him to feel special for once and popular.”

Povey was hoping that a few people on her friends list would hear her plea and make Roman’s 11th birthday something truly special.

“Sometimes he sits crying asking if he will get a call to invite him to a classmate’s party, and we have to explain that he won’t…. I have even rung friends up and asked if I can pay the party fee to take Roman along and keep an eye on him — but no, this has not worked either.”

Povey described her son as “a lovely adorable boy with difficulties,” though she did not mention what those difficulties were in her comments to the BBC.

But for the hundreds and hundreds of people from across the globe who would go out of their way to send Roman birthday cards after the Facebook request went viral, that doesn’t matter.

A child should not be without a friend, especially one so young.

That was the prevailing sentiment, and it was a reaction that Povey wasn’t quite prepared for.

“Within 12 hours, my post had been shared around the world from friends to their friends and beyond,” she told the news site. “The moment I realised it had gone global was when someone in Uganda messaged me and asked if they could send my son Roman a birthday card. It’s been amazing, I’m overwhelmed with people’s kindness.”

Roman will be receiving the cards and letters today, and I have a feeling that thanks to his mom’s Facebook request, he will be having a much happier birthday than he expected.

[Image via Opposing Views]