Kim Zolciak’s Kids Attacked On Instagram: Zolciak Threatens To Fight Back

Kim Zolciak is known for being an outspoken mother of six. Zolciak is very protective of her children, especially since they are all on television. Kim is also very active on Instagram, where she shares pictures and videos of her kids. But sadly, there are some rotten apples out there who makes the social media experience horrible for others. And Kim is right in the middle of it.

Over the past couple of weeks, Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak has been receiving comments from people who have plenty of things to say. Kim’s recently changed her body by using a waist trainer, and people had plenty to say about Zolciak sending the wrong message to her daughters. In addition, Zolciak has been criticized for posting many pictures of KJ and not very many of Kash.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is now revealing that she has had enough of the criticism and she is fighting back. Kim wants to protect her children and she is – quite frankly – tired of people judging her lifestyle and her choices. Zolciak is now revealing that people who write negative things on her Instagram will be blocked.

“Love playing with clothes with my BFF Shun Melson. #FeelingMyselfToday #2ndLookToday #TalkShitGetBlocked #NotFoolingWithNegativityNoMo #Bohemian,” Kim Zolciak revealed yesterday, as she shared plenty of pictures with her stylist friend, Shun Melson.

And this morning, Kim Zolciak revealed that one of her children had gotten sick and she was rushing to the doctor’s office. Zolciak posted a picture from the car, and she wasn’t wearing makeup. Kim knows that critical people may have plenty to say, so she could be ready to block those who don’t support her.

“Beauty comes from within my baby is sick heading to doctor. Been up most of the night NO MAKEUP NO CARES,” Kim Zolciak reveals adding the hashtags, “#DontStartYourShitSayingIHaveNoMakeupOn #HaventBrushedMyTeethOrWashedMyFace #ICantDealWithMyBabiesBeingSick.”

It is definitely interesting to see how Kim Zolciak is reacting to these followers, as she goes through a transformation herself. She has been sharing her waist trainer journey, and while some people adore her new look, others are skeptical. But fans will have to be nice if they want to see pictures of her children, such as the recent family photos from her vacation, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak starting to block people, who are being rude on Instagram? Do you think she needs to be very protective of her family?

[Image via Instagram]