Meghan Trainor Gushes Over Harry Styles, ‘You Know What Love Is’

Meghan Trainor, the 21-year-old hit singer and songwriter, has recorded a duet with none other than One Direction’s Harry Styles, and it seems the “Dear Future Husband” star can’t say enough about Styles.

Trainor formally worked with Charlie Puth on his single “Marvin Gaye,” but when it comes to work with the British boy band pop star, Trainor was “terrified” according to Billboard.

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When speaking of the duet with Styles, Trainor said, “I was worried he’d just be a 20-year-old boy.”

He was clearly so much more.

When Teen Vogue asked the “All About That Bass” singer what it was like to work with Styles, Trainor did not hold back.

“Performing a love song in front of Harry is terrifying, and on top of that I was a little nervous because he was one of the first celebrities I met.”

And Harry turned out to be a great partner.

Trainor gushed over the British star saying, “Harry was super talented at writing, and his lyrics were incredible—probably my favorite lyrics in a song.”

Trainor admitted her nervousness of writing something that Styles would be able to work with.

“I remember I wrote it at midnight the night before and sent it to my mom. I was so worried he was going to hate it.”

Trainor referred to her duet, called “Someday, Maybe,” as a “cute little number” that still “needs a good home.”

After working together and creating what is sure to be a hit, Trainor had to admit that Styles knew just what he was doing.

“He gave me very poetic, mature lyrics. I was like, ‘Well, d@mn, Harry, you know what love is.'”

Trainor wasn’t the only with something positive to say about working together.

According to The Hits, a source said that Trainor and Styles have “good chemistry” and that the two “get on really well” together.

Their chemistry has continued outside of the recording studio with Trainor saying, “I met Harry, and he’s like a friend now. We just texted each other a minute ago.”

Meghan Trainor is currently headlining her first tour, Title, around the country.

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