Heather Thomson On Bethenny: ‘I Barely Finished My Sentence Before It Got Hostile’

Heather Thomson has been on the show for a few seasons now and she may have experienced lots of drama with Aviva Drescher’s leg-gate last season. But if she thought Aviva was tough to deal with, then she has a surprise coming her way. Bethenny Frankel can be quite the mouthful. The Real Housewives of New York star Heather Thomson is now learning that she has to keep some things to herself to keep the peace.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Thomson is now revealing that she had nothing but good intentions when she brought up the fact that Kristen Taekman was hurt that she wasn’t invited to Frankel’s birthday. Since Heather and Kristen are close friends, Thomson thought it would be normal for her to stand up for her friend.

“The birthday dinner a few nights ago turned out to be a good time. We all rallied for Bethenny to have a fun party. Everyone was getting along, and we all danced on the table. It was a shame Kristen and Dorinda weren’t invited. I didn’t understand it. I was even more surprised since some of the girls brought dates that Bethenny definitely didn’t know, but it wasn’t my guest list,” Heather Thomson reveals about the dinner, where she was put in an odd place.

But of course, Heather Thomson knows that Bethenny is tough to talk to. Last week when Thomson took Bethenny out for lunch, she tried to talk to her about Ramona Singer. But even then, Thomson was shut down because Frankel didn’t walk to talk about Singer. It seems like Heather Thomson needs to talk about what Frankel wants to talk about to get anything out of the conversation.

“After speaking to Kristen about the party, I realized she, and probably Dorinda, felt left out. Totally natural. Since Kristen and I are close, and I thought Bethenny and I were on a positive path, I didn’t think twice about bringing this subject up at our dinner – I thought it was useful information,” Heather Thomson points out now, adding, “I have to hand it to Bethenny–she sure knows how to shut down a conversation the minute there’s no personal interest. I barely finished my sentence on the topic before it got hostile. I don’t think any of us knew what to make of her reaction.”

Heather has now tried to talk to Bethenny twice with little results. Reports do claim that the feud between these two women will only continue to grow. Apparently, Frankel feels that Heather has had little business success. On the other hand, Thomson knew that Bethenny was out to get her and has been fighting back since the beginning, according to the Inquisitr.

What did you think of Heather Thomson’s question? Did you think Bethenny’s response was justified?

[Image via Bravo]