Terrence Kellum: Detroit Protests Begin After ICE Agent Shoots Man 10 Times In Front Of Family

Antonio J. Newell

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent allegedly shot Terrence Kellum, a Detroit man, 10 times in front of his family. In the wake of the Baltimore riots, it's possible that things could escalate in Detroit as well.

— Keegan Stephan (@KeeganNYC) April 28, 2015

"We're told there was no forced entry into the residence...that they were allowed inside. And I'm also told... umm... that the agent may have been faced with a threat. And it was at that point that he decided to use deadly force."
"He was reaching for his father when they killed him. That boy did not have anything in his hands. And they just did that... they just straight out executed him. Ten shots!? Come on! That's execution!"

— George Aumoithe (@gaumwhat) April 28, 2015

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