NBC’s ‘Constantine’: The Meeting, The Fans, Twitter, And What Season 2 Would Look Like

NBC’s Constantine has been waiting for its day in court, so to speak, as the supernatural detective show’s producers finally go to plead their case. The embattled NBC show got its long-awaited interview on Monday, as formerly reported by the Inquisitr. It has been an uphill battle for Constantine fans to find out any information on the fate of their show, but the day finally came. So, what happen? Has the fate of Constantine been decided? Well, not exactly.

However, a lot more information has come out prior, during, and after the NBC meeting. Let us dig into one thing at a time. Bleeding Cool reports that Constantine producer and update source Daniel Cerone tweeted that the meeting went well.

“Whew, done. Unnamed NBC exec said tell the fans it went well. Means nothing but hope never hurts.”

Earlier that day, Cerone asked Constantine fans to get on Twitter and start tweeting the infamous mantra #SaveConstantine to get the show trending. If the fans managed to get it trending, he stated that he would pull out his phone to show the NBC executives just how much the fans wanted Constantine to live on.

“Walked into pitch mtg, showed NBC execs my phone, #Constantine was trending #2 nation. Simply awesome.”

He concluded the most recent update by thanking fans for their support, and exclaiming if Constantine returns he “can honestly say it was the fans.” So, though it is unlikely that NBC will be deciding the fate of the show any time soon, there is still much that was released for the future of NBC’s Constantine. According to Cinema Blend, some plots, characters, and other potential ideas for Season 2 and beyond were teased by the show’s writers.

“We were planning on introducing #DoctorFate, #Spectre, #PhantomStrange, #TheDemon, etc. Want ’em? Contact #NBC!!!! “

Constantine Writers’ Twitter account was lit up with these kinds of messages to fans. They also suggested making Papa Midnight a series regular, which is not hard to do with certain events with the finale, Manny, and the Brujeria. It was also brought up that there would be a series arc that takes place in the Jasper’s Mill house.

Also, more punk songs. After all, John Constantine was once in a punk band, so it makes a lot of sense. Characters like the Spectre and Doctor Fate had already been found as easter eggs in earlier episodes. Constantine writers also suggest emailing NBC.

Everything is on display, and it is up to NBC. Constantine Season 1 remains available for streaming through NBC.com, DirecTV On-Demand, iOS Appstore, Google, Amazon, and others. Just because the meeting is over and #SaveConstantine fans are waiting on NBC does not mean they still can not make a difference.

[Images Via Creative Commons/DC Comics ]