Elle MacPherson Calls Howard Stern ‘Absolutely Jewish’

Former model Elle MacPherson gave quite a bizarre interview on Howard Stern’s Sirius talk show, and actually managed to offend the shock jock turned America’s Got Talent judge.

Of course the chat got racy, which is nothing out of the ordinary for Howard Stern, and then it spiraled into weird territory after Stern asked MacPherson about her nude photos that hang in her home. Stern questioned the model further in his candid nature, “Do your children get upset by that? It’s probably upsetting that his mother’s ass is in the bedroom, and if the kids bring over friend.”

MacPherson curtly stated, “No, I just think you’re being absolutely Jewish.” Stern, who sounded more bewildered than anything else asked, “Why is that Jewish? I’ve had this discussion with people who aren’t Jewish.”

Elle then covered up quickly and joked that Howard was acting like a stereotypical Jewish mother. “Because you’re being overprotective. You sound like a nagging mother, ‘Eleanor, should you have that picture in your room?’ My children are very well-balanced.” Stern of course took this all in stride and quipped back, “I once saw my mother come out of the shower, it traumatized me.” Which got an even more awkward reply from MacPherson,”I can imagine, if she looks like you. Sorry, that just slipped out!”

What do you think? Was Elle MacPherson out of line?