Jennifer Lawrence Rebuffs Prince Harry? Royal Is On The Hunt For A ‘Hollywood Wife’ [Rumor]

Princes probably think they can get any girl they want. But Jennifer Lawrence isn’t just any girl. And in this case, the prince — Harry — struck out.

And it sounds like he may have used a cheesy invitation to seduce the starlet. Though Lawrence was reportedly polite, she wasn’t very receptive to the offer.

Perhaps it’s the rumor that he has a list of famous babes he wants to “attend to” stashed away somewhere, Hollywood Life added.

It all began when Prince Harry, 30, “made his aide invite her out to dinner,” Contact Music reported. No one knows when.

Then came the fairly cheesy offer — he wanted to give her a tour of Kensington Palace.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress said no and has recently been seen, perfectly content and munching on a roast beef sandwich, with Gwyneth Paltrow’s newly uncoupled ex, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Rumors of the royal’s crush on America’s Sweetheart are nothing new.

She earned the top spot on a rumored list of Tinsel Town “hotties” he wants to meet, a 2013 report alleged. He apparently fancies all of them, but Lawrence the most.

Perhaps she isn’t content to be one choice among many.

But it bodes well for Prince Harry that she seems to dig Brits. She used to date English hunk Nicholas Hoult, SheKnows added.

And evidently he digs Americans — especially the famous kind.

“Jennifer’s his number-one … right now. (He) thinks Jennifer is a girl after his own heart — very chill and out for a good time. (He) is looking for a serious relationship and is ready to settle down. And the way he’s thinking right now, he could end up with a Hollywood wife.”

[Photo Courtesy Tristan Fewings, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]