Boston Police Breaking Up Mosh Pits, Wants Them To Be Illegal

James Johnson

Boston police are busily breaking up the nefarious act of...mosh pitting? Police in the city have been serving license violations to venues that allow the practice, causing outrage among various rock groups who call the slam-dancing practice an "integral" part of their shows.

Speaking to the Boston Herald The Red Chord vocalist Guy Kozowyk notes:

"The city of Boston needs to stay out of it... I understand cracking down on fighting, but (moshing) is a form of expression. It's ridiculous they're cracking down on this now. There are plenty of other problems."

Boston police say the violation occurred because the House of Blues did not step in to protect concertgoers. The House of Blues said in a public statement:

"The safety of our patrons is the top priority."

Police admit that dancing is a protected first amendment right and they claim to only be targeting violent actions that occur when that forming of aggressive dancing turns to into overly aggressive mosh pits.

The biggest fear for venue owners now is that the proposed Boston ordinance if passed will lead harder rock groups back to the suburbs and away from their clubs, bars and nightclubs.

Do you think Boston Police have overstepped their bounds in attacking the freedom of expression found within most pits?