Duchess Kate And Prince William Send Gift To Fans Awaiting Royal Baby

Duchess Kate and Prince William showed how cool they really are when they sent a very special gift to the crowd of fans awaiting the arrival of their royal baby.

As with Prince George, their firstborn, this royal baby is making everyone, including mom, wait for his/her arrival. The same can be said about loyal subjects, who are camping outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, where the historic birth will take place any time now.

Duchess Kate and Prince William showed how much they really care about the people patiently awaiting the birth of their child. As temperatures plummeted to a chilly 38 degrees Fahrenheit overnight, the royals sent some breakfast to express their thanks.

Duchess Kate and Prince William royal baby
Royal followers talk about getting breakfast from Duchess Kate and Prince William (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

People have been gathering at the hospital where Kate is due to give birth, proudly displaying the Union Jack, and were grateful to receive some delicious pastries. Maria Scott — who is camping in front of the hospital — told People that two men arrived carrying two white boxes decorated with pink ribbons and 10 cups of coffee for the royal admirers.

“They knocked on the tent and said, ‘Good morning, we have a present from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.’ “

Another man who has been waiting for Prince George’s new sibling and has been camped outside the hospital since April 16, added, “We’re really touched—we thank them with all our hearts.”

If you didn’t already think that Duchess Kate and Prince William were the coolest royals, then maybe this gesture will convince you. For those waiting for this royal baby, who is taking its time arriving, it was one of the greatest things ever when the goodies came at about breakfast time.

As to when the royal baby may arrive, it’s anyone’s guess and, as with any other pregnancy, it can happen at any moment. As Kate is already past due (her due date was April 23, according to most reports), doctors are probably trying to work on scheduling an inducement if the baby doesn’t arrive in the coming days.

Duchess Kate and Prince William send breakfast to royal supporters
Duchess Kate and Prince William send breakfast to royal supporters (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

But Duchess Kate and Prince William — who has already started his paternity leave to be by his wife’s side — are staying busy as they await their new royal baby. Kate Middleton was seen driving her Range Rover to pick up Prince George from his swimming lessons at Buckingham Palace.

For those who received the kind gift from the royal couple, it’s not a moment they will soon forget. The Palace had a short statement explaining, “They saw they had been camped out and wanted to send over some breakfast.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]