Flickr Co-Founder Signs With Secretive New Startup

One of the co-founders of Flickr has a new startup home.

Caterina Fake — who, along with her co-founder husband, decided to leave parent company Yahoo last month — will become chief product officer at the yet-to-launch Hunch.

Fake’s blog only says that Hunch is “a consumer internet application” that “will have a lot of user participation” and “is more than a little fun.”

“Beyond that, we’re still making it up,” she says.

CNET News, however, reports that Hunch is a recommendation engine driven by “collective crowd intelligence.” Its sources predict a powerful service with “top-notch” technology. No launch date has been revealed.

Fake says she’ll remain in San Francisco even while working for the New York-based startup. Her husband and former business collaborator, she says, will not be joining her in the new venture.